“One Planet: Harnessing Hope” Video

“One Planet: Harnessing Hope” is the latest work by Irene Borins Ash.

Click here for the full 13-minute video.

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Sandra Jones

My husband Irv and I went to Honest Ed’s on the last day before the store was closed forever. I took the photo of two women talking and reminiscing.

I later found out that Sandra Jones- (the woman on the left) was given an award for being one of one hundred “Accomplished Black Women of Canada.” She has received numerous awards.

I thought afterwards of a quote that appeared in my first book “Treasured Legacies- Older and Still Great” Second Story Press 2003.

Florence Rosberg – the mother of Barbara Frum said “You never know who it is you’re standing next to, so I always assume that that person is at least as worth knowing as I am, and that, like me, they also must have an interesting story to tell. If I get to know them, I will recognize that we may even be related or connected in some mysterious way.”

I believe my stories and photos can help break down barriers between people of different ages and backgrounds. I am a social worker and I love connecting with people. Photography allows me to do that. I always ask permission and most people are happy to tell their story.

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Upcoming Video

A video will be available for viewing soon based on “One Planet: Harnessing Hope” and it is expected to travel widely.

Please keep looking at “What’s New” for more information in due course.

Chicago Branch
World Alliance of Religions
Peace Office

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I Believe My Photos Will Speak to This – Mondays @ The Temple, Purim and Photography

Click here to read the full article. Please click on the photos to see the enlarged version.

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One Planet: Harnessing Hope – virtual exhibit at Noor Cultural Centre on July 5, 2015

A virtual exhibit of “One Planet: Harnessing Hope” will be on display on Sunday July the 5th, 2015 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at a “Multifaith Climate Iftar- A Celebration of Interfaith Climate Unity” at the Noor Cultural Center, 123 Wynford Drive, Don Mills, M3C 1K1. The cost will be $15. at the door for refreshments.

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Speaking on Monday May 25, 2015 at the 173rd Synod of the Diocese of Huron

Irene will be speaking about One Planet: Harnessing Hope at the 173rd Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Huron before approximately 600 people at the Convention Centre in London Ontario on Monday May 25, 2015.

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My new exhibit is entitled “One Planet: Harnessing Hope”. The history of the project is as follows: Thirty years ago when I was studying in New York City doing my master’s of Social Work degree at Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social work, I came across the philosophies of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. The Rebbe preached about a non-judgmental love for all mankind and he counseled people of all faiths. This was the beginning of my lifelong passion for multi-faith. When I wrote my first book, “Treasured Legacies: Older & Still Great”, Second Story Press: 2003, Dr. David Suzuki, who was in the book, talked of his concerns about climate change and unfortunately so many of his predictions are coming true. I also interviewed the legendary Oscar Peterson and the thoughts he shared with me regarding the racism he experienced in his life inspired me. I wrote a second book, “Aging is Living: Myth Breaking Stories from Long Term Care” Dundurn Press: 2009. So many of the seniors I have interviewed for both books said they were concerned about what the world would be like for their children and grandchildren in relationship to the changing environment. When it comes to climate change we are equal; we are in this together.

In my first book, I had interviewed Sister Constance Murphy, Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, Swami Pramathananda and Raymond Gould, a part Maliseet- part Acadian aboriginal spiritual elder. I was continuing with my belief in multi-faith. I decided I wanted to do what I could to help the environmental situation so I approached Dr. Lucy Cummings, the E.D. of Faith and the Common Good: Greening Sacred Spaces. Lucy introduced me to the faith groups and some multi-cultural groups that will appear in the new exhibit.

The new exhibit has been endorsed by the Ontario Multifaith Council, Scarboro Missions, Councillor Joe Mihevc of Toronto City Council, Councillor Gord Perks of Toronto City Council, Professor Stephen Bede Scharper, Reverend Fletcher Harper,Rabbi Lawrence Troster of GreenFaith, the Very Reverend Bill Phipps and Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley.

I want to add one more name of a man who influenced my thinking right from the start: my beloved Uncle Dr. Bernard Ludwig. He lived his life following the teachings of the late Rebbe.

Please follow the website as to where the exhibit will be presented.

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People’s Climate March – Sunday September 21, 2014 in New York City – Irene is an Official Photographer

On Sunday September 21, 2014, the People’s Climate March will happen in New York City. Faith communities from around the world will converge on New York as well as making prayerful sounds about climate change in their own communities. The purpose is to create a global chorus of outdoor prayers and meditations for the climate, showing concern about climate change and its impact on the most vulnerable and on future generations. This activity will commence at 1:00 p.m. within their own time zone to correspond to the start of the People’s Climate March and just before the Climate Summit at the United Nations. One of the organizers of the March, Rev Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith, has asked Irene to be an Official Photographer for the March in New York City and will allow some of those photos to be posted on both her website as well as the GreenFaith website. This project dovetails with Irene’s Environmental project mentioned in a previous post and which will be announced here in detail in the near future.

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Promtion of painter Homa Jull and more on Irene’s environmental project

I am happy to announce I am now using my sales and marketing abilities in the promotion of another artist. My work as a photographer and my years of advocacy in the health field, have made me experienced and good at this kind of work. On behalf of the painter, Homa Jull, I am creating brochures, as well as working with interior designers to help them select appropriate works. I will also be using my skills as a photographer to photograph some of Homa’s paintings. If you visit the website www.homagallery.com you can see some of the wonderful paintings Homa has created. She has a unique sense of colour and design and her work is vibrant and joyous.

For those of you asking about my environmental project, I am continuing this as well, I have partnered with an organization in this endeavor, but I will tell you more about this later.

You can read this also under my name in Linkedin.

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Toronto Camera Club – 125th Anniversary

Irene is a proud member of the oldest camera club in Canada which is celebrating it 125th anniversary in 2013. Irene volunteered to get media attention for the anniversary and an extensive article from the National Post came out on September 25, 2013. Irene was quoted as follows:

‘“I have worked as hard at being a good photographer as at all my degrees,” says Irene Borins Ash, a social worker by day. The frequent lecturers, and other members, have helped her improve, she says. “People are so supportive of each other. The support and the camraderie is fabulous.”’

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