Sponsorship Program

I created the “One Planet: Harnessing Hope” project in partnership with Dr. Lucy Cummings- the E.D. of “Faith and the Common Good” & “Greening Sacred Spaces”. I interviewed and photographed some multicultural and multi faith groups to find out what they are doing to help the environmental situation we are all facing. “Faith and the Common Good” funded the video “One Planet: Harnessing Hope.”

A hard copy exhibit of photos and text is being created by Toronto Image Works. The exhibit will be hung at the Toronto City Hall Rotunda to help celebrate the diversity of our city. There are several venues in the planning – to be determined. I am asking for sponsorship to help produce the exhibit and for the launch at city hall.

The following are the names of persons that have contributed.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Heather M. Beecroft, Director, Beecroft Fine Arts
  • Mrs. Beverley Borins, Inuit Art Collector and Dealer
  • Professor Sandford Borins, Beth Herst, Alex and Nathaniel Borins
  • Michael Borins, Heidi Bergstrom Borins, Adryan & Haley
  • Elli Davis, Royal LePage
  • Debra Ceresne, Life Coach and Investor
  • Mervyn and Frances Deitel
  • Florigens Design, Michelle and Lisa Priestap
  • Bonni Gellman- The Power of One Training
  • Antonio Grande, Athletic Therapy Services
  • Sandra Kingston B.A., LL.B.
  • The Dr. Bernard and Margaret Ludwig Foundation
  • Sabrina Malach MESM, Director of Community Outreach at Shoresh Jewish Environmental Studies
  • Paul McKenna MA, Scarboro Missions, teaches, writer and consults in the field of world religions and interfaith dialogue
  • Anita Minoughan
  • Patricia Moffat, Social Worker
  • Anne Rubenstein and Martin Rosenberg
  • Susan Mintz, Social Worker and Howard Mintz,Educator
  • Tracey Ostermann (nee Goldhar)
  • The Health Shoppe 1375 Yonge Street, Toronto
  • Caren Ludwig Shoychet and Ryan Shoychet and Family
  • Bev Shukyn and Bob Biderman
  • Linda Tadich M.S.W., R.S.W.
  • Rosalyn Train B.A., LL. B.and Elianna
  • Paula and Alan Warren
  • Jill and Sol Wein
  • Dr. Calvin Weinryb, Optometrist and Judy Weinryb Social Worker