Sandra Jones

My husband Irv and I went to Honest Ed’s on the last day before the store was closed forever. I took the photo of two women talking and reminiscing.

I later found out that Sandra Jones- (the woman on the left) was given an award for being one of one hundred “Accomplished Black Women of Canada.” She has received numerous awards.

I thought afterwards of a quote that appeared in my first book “Treasured Legacies- Older and Still Great” Second Story Press 2003.

Florence Rosberg – the mother of Barbara Frum said “You never know who it is you’re standing next to, so I always assume that that person is at least as worth knowing as I am, and that, like me, they also must have an interesting story to tell. If I get to know them, I will recognize that we may even be related or connected in some mysterious way.”

I believe my stories and photos can help break down barriers between people of different ages and backgrounds. I am a social worker and I love connecting with people. Photography allows me to do that. I always ask permission and most people are happy to tell their story.

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