Promtion of painter Homa Jull and more on Irene’s environmental project

I am happy to announce I am now using my sales and marketing abilities in the promotion of another artist. My work as a photographer and my years of advocacy in the health field, have made me experienced and good at this kind of work. On behalf of the painter, Homa Jull, I am creating brochures, as well as working with interior designers to help them select appropriate works. I will also be using my skills as a photographer to photograph some of Homa’s paintings. If you visit the website you can see some of the wonderful paintings Homa has created. She has a unique sense of colour and design and her work is vibrant and joyous.

For those of you asking about my environmental project, I am continuing this as well, I have partnered with an organization in this endeavor, but I will tell you more about this later.

You can read this also under my name in Linkedin.

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