Treasured Legacies

Treasured Legacies – Older & Still Great

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There are dynamic senior citizens energetically marching to the beat of time. Irene Borins Ash, a consultant on aging, captured the vitality in a series of photographs with biographical sketches and life philosophies in a beautiful new book of photographs and stories.

A diverse cross-section of the population ranging from the physically and intellectually challenged to the famous including June Callwood, David Suzuki, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Dr. Jean Vanier and Oscar Peterson. Also among the fifty people featured from many walks of life are a homeless person, a nun, and an Indian swami.

These extraordinary seniors inspire with their stories of confronting life’s challenges and adversities. Striking black and white photographs accompany text that demonstrates the possibilities of aging wonderfully, with purpose, joy and achievement. Inspired by a photography exhibit touring the country, this amazing book has political, social and multicultural relevance to people young and old.

Irene Borins Ash is a social worker who has worked with older people for many years in Toronto. She writes, “Seniors have a greater historical perspective and I observed throughout my years of social work practice, interviewing and photographing that there was a common thread that linked all of these people together despite differences in gender, race, cultural, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. They were less judgmental and showed an acceptance and tolerance of differences in people. They were kinder, more compassionate and less prejudiced. They possessed a more universalistic approach towards life. These ideals have helped them fare better in the aging process. These elders are wise and can be a source of inspiration to succeeding generations.”


These Individuals are breathing new life into the tired phrase “aging graciously.” In fact, far from being gracious about accepting traditional roles for older people, they are often revolutionary and wonderfully subversive in their approach to living.

Whether better-known or less-known, ill or in good health, whatever the challenges these women and men have faced, they remain dynamic, enthusiastic and fully engaged in their communities. They are a testament to the great contributions that senior citizens are capable of making, and an inspiration to all who meet them.

In this book they share a bit of the philosophy that gets them out of bed and on the roll in the morning. The golden years will never be the same!


Doris Anderson, Beverley Borins, Lallitha Brodie, June Callwood, Evelyn Cunningham, Jerome Diamond, Fred Dunn, Celia Franca, Norma Franks, Harry Gairey, Siva Gnanaratnam, Raymond Gould, Emily Hearn, Eugene Kash, Sidney Katz, Willard Kinzie, Nathan Leipciger, Helen Levine, Bernanrd Ludwig, Francis Maurice, Hazel McCallion, Doris McCarthy, Elizabeth McCready, Etta Ginsberg McEwan, Anne Millyard, Patricia Moffat, Henry Morgentaler, Katherine Morrison, Sister Constance Murphy, Sara Pachter, Oscar Peterson, Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, Swami Pramathananda, Ethel Raicus, Florence Rosberg, Ann Seaton, Peg Smith, Fran Sosnoff, Eleanor Beecroft Stewart, David Suzuki, Jean Vanier, John Weinzweig, Mona Winberg, Connie Yang.