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With one foot in the world of social work and the other in the world of photography,
I feel I have finally found the perfect union.

Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson at Holy Blossom Temple, Sunday, August 25, 2002

I wrote my first book “Treasured Legacies: Older & Still Great” Second Story Press 2003, because I had a desire to understand why some seniors become depressed and despondent while others, despite problems they faced in life, were joyously and passionately involved in living.

Irene Borins Ash and David SuzukiDr. David Suzuki, who was in the book, talked about his concerns regarding climate change and unfortunately so many of his predictions are coming true. I also interviewed the legendary Oscar Peterson and the thoughts he shared with me regarding the racism he experienced in his life inspired me. I have interviewed over 100 seniors and many said that they were concerned about what the world would be like for their children and grandchildren in relationship to the changing environment.

We Demand Clean Air

“People’s Climate March” New York City 2014

Thirty years ago when I was studying at Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York City, I came across the philosophies of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. The Rebbe preached about a non-judgmental love for all mankind and he counselled people of all faiths. This was the beginning of my lifelong passion for multi-faith.

When I was living on Spadina Road I had an awesome perennial garden in front of our home. One winter the earth never froze and the flowers were beginning to bud in January.

“One Planet: Harnessing Hope” is my latest work about what some multi-faith and multi cultural groups are doing to help the environmental situation we are all experiencing. I partnered with Dr. Lucy Cummings, the E.D. of “Faith & the Common Good” & “Greening Sacred Spaces” in this endeavor. We are all in this together. We are one.